On March 28, 2018, Gavin Dennis led a new weekly session of practical training for CompTIA Security+. The training was exclusive to members of CCST (Caribbean Cyber Support Team) and WISC (Women in InfoSec Caribbean). Both are non-profit groups on Discord limited to Caribbean people. This session was followed up the following week (Saturday, April 4, 2020) with a refresher and more in-depth training on the same topics.

This training session is a part of a non-profit initiative of The Gavin Dennis Foundation Ltd, sponsored by G5 Cyber Security, Inc to help educate Caribbean people in the IT industry.


  • This session (Session 1) was focused in a practical way on Chapter 1 of the Security+ 501 syllabus which covers the following areas:
  • If you’re a Caribbean national interested or working in IT, you please join the CCST group on Discord. Please visit caribbeancst.org and click a “Join Now” button. Thank you.

If you’re a Caribbean woman or girl interested or working in Information Security, you please join the WISC group on Discord. Please visit wiscaribbean.org and click a “Join Now” button. Thank you.