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How the Albanian government is tackling the growing issue of cyber threats

Cyber threats are a growing concern in Albania, as in many other countries. Cyber attacks targeting businesses, critical infrastructure, and individuals have increased in recent years, and the Albanian government has taken steps to tackle this issue. In this article, we will explore how the Albanian government is addressing the growing issue of cyber threats.

  1. Establishing a national cybersecurity strategy: In 2017, the Albanian government adopted a national cybersecurity strategy aimed at improving the country’s cybersecurity posture. The strategy outlines a number of measures to strengthen cybersecurity, including the establishment of a national cybersecurity agency, the development of a national cybersecurity framework, and the creation of a national incident response plan.
  2. Investing in cybersecurity: The Albanian government has invested in cybersecurity measures to protect critical infrastructure and government systems. This includes investing in technology and tools to detect and prevent cyber attacks, as well as in training for government employees and law enforcement officials.
  3. Strengthening legal and regulatory frameworks: The Albanian government has taken steps to strengthen legal and regulatory frameworks related to cybersecurity. In 2019, the government passed a law on personal data protection aimed at protecting personal data from cyber threats. The government has also been working to strengthen the legal framework around cybercrime, including through the establishment of a cybercrime unit within the Albanian State Police.
  4. International collaboration: The Albanian government has been collaborating with international partners to improve the country’s cybersecurity capabilities. Albania is a member of the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) and participates in regional cybersecurity initiatives.
  5. Public awareness campaigns: The Albanian government has launched public awareness campaigns aimed at educating citizens about the risks of cyber threats and how to protect themselves. These campaigns have included social media outreach and public events aimed at raising awareness about cybersecurity issues.

In conclusion, the Albanian government has taken a number of steps to address the growing issue of cyber threats in the country. These include establishing a national cybersecurity strategy, investing in cybersecurity measures, strengthening legal and regulatory frameworks, collaborating with international partners, and launching public awareness campaigns. While there is still work to be done, these efforts have helped to improve Albania’s cybersecurity posture and mitigate the risks of cyber attacks.

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