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How Jamaica is collaborating with international partners to improve national cybersecurity

Jamaica, like many other nations around the world, faces a constantly evolving and increasingly complex cybersecurity threat landscape. Cybercriminals continue to develop new and more sophisticated methods of attack, and it is more important than ever for nations to collaborate and share information in order to improve their national cybersecurity posture. In this article, we will explore how Jamaica is collaborating with international partners to improve national cybersecurity.

  1. Commonwealth Cybersecurity Forum

The Commonwealth Cybersecurity Forum is an initiative that was launched in 2018 by the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO). The forum brings together Commonwealth member states, as well as other partners, to share information and best practices on cybersecurity. Jamaica is an active participant in the forum, and has hosted several meetings and conferences in the country.

  1. International Telecommunication Union

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is a United Nations agency that specializes in information and communication technology (ICT) issues. The ITU has a focus on cybersecurity and works with its member states to improve their cybersecurity capabilities. Jamaica is a member of the ITU, and the agency has provided the country with support in areas such as policy development, capacity building, and incident response.

  1. Caribbean Cyber Security Center

The Caribbean Cyber Security Center (CCSC) is an organization that was established in 2016 to address the cybersecurity challenges faced by Caribbean countries. The CCSC provides training and capacity building programs, as well as advisory services and incident response support. Jamaica is a member of the CCSC, and the organization has provided support to the country in areas such as cybersecurity policy development and cybersecurity awareness raising.

  1. United States Cyber Command

The United States Cyber Command is a military command that is responsible for the defense of U.S. military networks and for conducting offensive cyber operations. The organization also works with partner nations to improve their cybersecurity capabilities. Jamaica has partnered with the United States Cyber Command in the past, and the organization has provided the country with support in areas such as incident response and cyber defense.

  1. Inter-American Development Bank

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is a regional development bank that provides financing and technical assistance to Latin American and Caribbean countries. The IDB has a focus on digital transformation and innovation, and works with its member countries to promote the adoption of new technologies while ensuring that appropriate cybersecurity measures are in place. Jamaica has partnered with the IDB on several initiatives related to cybersecurity and digital transformation.


Jamaica is working with a variety of international partners to improve its national cybersecurity capabilities. These partnerships include participation in initiatives such as the Commonwealth Cybersecurity Forum, collaboration with the International Telecommunication Union, membership in the Caribbean Cyber Security Center, partnership with the United States Cyber Command, and collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank. By working closely with these partners and sharing information and best practices, Jamaica can improve its ability to defend against cyber threats and ensure the safety and security of its citizens and organizations.

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