In October 2017, Gavin Dennis participated as one of approximately 22 Subject Matter Experts with CompTIA to help develop content for their newest exam, PenTest+ (formerly Certified Penetration Tester – CPT+).

He worked together with other Information Security professionals in a week-long workshop, led by CompTIA’s fantastic team. Gavin also authored on November 17, 2017, about his experience titled “CompTIA Pentest + (formerly CPT+) Item Writing Workshop in October 2017“. The article highlighted his first experience throughout the workshop.

Based on our interactions I don’t believe there was anyone there who had previously met. Also, I’ve never seen a group of professionals, unknown to each other, work together over a week to be so productive, within expectations with minimal conflict. It felt like magic being present in the process. We developed content for the upcoming exam which will be tested across exam centres worldwide.

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