On July 27, 2018, Gavin Dennis contributed to a report which analysed both the top 285 corporate websites in Jamaica and other aspects of IT security.

Below is the link to the report. It is owned and managed by G5 Cyber Security, Inc. (G5CS).

2018 CBRJ – securityreportjamaica.com/2018

The report was primarily focused on answering the following:

  • How many websites automatically load in HTTPS and how well is their HTTPS configured?
  • How many websites respond with expected security headers when browsed?
  • How many websites seem to use a web firewall to protect themselves from attacks?
  • How many websites publicly hyperlink suspicious files and URLs for users to select?
  • How many post-secondary institutions offer courses focused on IT security qualifications or training?
  • What kind of support does the Government of Jamaica provide for Cyber Security?

The best and poorest performers in our sample included businesses that earned the highest and lowest in either their industry or entire sampled group of 285. This result suggests there was very little relation between the earnings of top Jamaican businesses and how well they implemented basic security controls on their corporate websites.