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4 Reasons Why The #GymLife Can Improve Security Operations

I like the gym, not just for the gains, but for the challenge. The gym challenges me. After a smart day’s work no matter how proud I feel I can always go there and challenge myself that bit more than yesterday. I can always reach a burn by pushing through one last set, one last rep. How much do you drive through the security operations of your company? Even when things are good and, no incidents are frightening anyone.

Sweat, Pain, Endurance, and Gains

The gym has no real limits; there are more weights than any one person can lift. The gym is dedicated to you being healthier and better. The security of a system is a point-in-time reference and ultimately depends on a trade-off between time and innovation. i.e. faster better technology to attack and defend.

Security is always too much until it’s not enough – O.M.

Consider these four (4) things next time you sweat for security or for health:

  1. Persevere – There will always be that one more rep, that one more attack that tries to break you. Take it head-on when it comes.
  2. Decipher battles vs. wars – There will always be one more guy who believes he can outlift you or bypass security controls.
  3. Manage critics – There will always be an amateur who gives you the world of tips and that senior manager who thinks more can be done to improve security ops (even though they know squat about security)
  4. Take initiative – You can always decide to challenge yourself to improve no matter what others have to say.

Despite there are more weights in the gym than you could ever lift, you still show up. You continue trying to burn more than the last workout day. Why should it be any different as a Security Administrator, or Manager? Why should the inevitable and unavoidable risk of being attacked prevent you from trying to be that much better and trying that much harder to maintain a sound process of security awareness and resilient implementation.

The next time you go to the gym remember how it challenges your muscles, remember how you had sweat the day before, and don’t forget you returned AGAIN and AGAIN because you KNOW you are moving towards BETTER. Show up to work tomorrow, ready to challenge your organisation’s security operations for the BETTER.

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